What is

Tecno Ati Point is a commercial operation that develops with entrepreneurs in the sector operating throughout Italy and abroad, who decide to enter in a simple, fast and risk-free way in the world of thermotechnical spare parts.

Specifically, these are ITS wholesale and/or retail retailers, with a customer portfolio made up of installers and maintainers of the heating and air conditioning sector, to which not only company know-how and technical knowledge are transferred, but also provided the necessary tools to operate successfully in the sale of original and compatible spare parts, helping them in choosing the best product package to offer its customers. Such activity allows him to only set up the warehouse with the articles of greater mix, reducing therefore the risk to create congrue leftovers, possibility further minimized by the possibility offered to replace the products not sold with other more requested, making the most of the personalized discounts and the territorial royalty insured at Tecno Ati Point.

Why should I

From statistical survey carried out by Assotermica in relation to the sales of boilers of any type on the Italian territory over the last 15 years, a trend of progressive decrease clearly emerges, mainly motivated by the crisis in the construction sector and the tendency to “repair rather than replace“. In the past year, about 800,000 boilers were installed out of a total of over 14 million existing autonomous systems.

The result is an estimated 7 million out of warranty parts replaced per year. A huge amount! The spare parts market is very fertile today and can welcome new operators who, under the expert guidance of Tecno Ati, can move with flexibility and effectiveness towards their customers.


Once the commercial agreement has been finalized, the marketing department begins the advertising activities, starting from the setting up of the commercial space with the branded material, provided by the headquarters, that will ensure the new Tecno Ati Point the identification on the market with the history, reliability and competence of the parent company.
All the activities to follow, communication and promotion, will be agreed and customized according to the needs of the Punto Tecno Ati and the market to which it will turn its work.